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​Please find documents which may help. If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Appropriate use of Mobile Phones.pdfAppropriate use of Mobile Phones336 KB
Code of School Behaviour.pdfCode of School Behaviour186 KB
Complaints Management Procedure.pdfComplaints Management Procedure126 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment Agreement47 KB
Head Lice Fact Sheet.pdfHead Lice Fact Sheet141 KB
Making a Complaint.pdfMaking a Complaint68 KB
Medical Permission Form.pdfMedical Permission Form160 KB
Refund Policy.pdfRefund Policy123 KB
Request to Administer Medication.pdfRequest to Administer Medication119 KB
Role of Parents and Caregivers with Homework.pdfRole of Parents and Caregivers with Homework202 KB
Timeout Poster.pdfTimeout Poster170 KB
Uniform Policy.pdfUniform Policy108 KB
Tuckshop Volunteer and Ordering Form.pdfTuckshop Volunteer and Ordering Form25 KB
Harrisville State School Code of Conduct.docxHarrisville State School Code of Conduct23 KB
Harrisville SS AIP 2019.pdfHarrisville SS AIP 2019960 KB
Harrisville SS attendance policy.doc2017 Harrisville SS attendance policyHarrisville SS attendance policy222 KB
2018 Uniform Order Form.pdf2018 Uniform Order Form2018 Uniform Order Form21 KB
appropriate use of ICT's.pdfAppropriate use of ICT's for Studentsappropriate use of ICT's172 KB
BLANK permission form for website.pdfBlank Permission form for all excursions and incursionsBLANK permission form for website157 KB
Blank Transport permission form.pdfBlank Trsnsport Permission formBlank Transport permission form176 KB
Blank Private transport form.pdfBlank Use of Private Transport Form for adult volunteersBlank Private transport form170 KB
Harrisville SS Medical form for school excursions and sporting events.pdfCAMP MEDICAL FORM Harrisville SS Medical form for school excursions and sporting events81 KB
(9a)chaplaincy-consent.pdfChaplaincy Consent (9a)chaplaincy-consent60 KB
Explanation of MWSS annd WRDSS Athletics 2018.pdfExplanation of MWSS and WRDSS AthleticsExplanation of MWSS annd WRDSS Athletics 2018170 KB
Harrisville SS 2014 DA ES.pdfHarrisville SS Disipline Audit 2014Harrisville SS 2014 DA ES375 KB
Coaching Final Draft A3.docxHarrisville State SchoolCoaching Final Draft A3115 KB
chaplaincy-school-website-newsletter-information.pdfInformation about Chaplaincy at Harrisville State Schoolchaplaincy-school-website-newsletter-information58 KB
investing -for-success.PDFInvesting For Successinvesting -for-success54 KB
Investing for Success Harrisville State School 2016.pdfInvesting for Success 2016Investing for Success Harrisville State School 2016107 KB
i4s 2018.pdfInvesting For Success 2018 Harrisville SSi4s 201878 KB
Learning to Read Posters.pdfLearning to Read PostersLearning to Read Posters130 KB
Advertising GPC.pdfPeak Crossing Kindy Information About EnrollingAdvertising GPC191 KB
qschools-a4-flyer.pdfQschools App Information Flyerqschools-a4-flyer1282 KB
reading for meaning chart.pdfReading for meaning chartreading for meaning chart13 KB
2018 template-consent-form.pdfReligious Instruction 2018 Consent form2018 template-consent-form169 KB
Harrisville State School 2016 Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students updated.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan 2016-2019Harrisville State School 2016 Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students updated279 KB
SIU-  Harrisville State School - Executive Summary - 2016.pdfSchool Improvement Unit Executive Summary- Harrisville State School 2016SIU- Harrisville State School - Executive Summary - 2016325 KB
acceptable_use_guidelines.pdfSocial Media Acceptable Use Guidelinesacceptable_use_guidelines120 KB
(6)state-school-consent-form[1].pdfState School Consent Form(6)state-school-consent-form[1]77 KB
Harrisville SS Learning and Wellbeing Framework - Template.pdfStudent Well Being PlanHarrisville SS Learning and Wellbeing Framework - Template200 KB
HSS Tuckshop Menu 2018 (002).pdfTuckshop Menu 2018HSS Tuckshop Menu 2018 (002)134 KB
WDSS - School Information Brochure nov. 2017.pdfWestern District School Sport 2018WDSS - School Information Brochure nov. 2017480 KB
Book list1-2018.pdfYear 1 Booklist 2018Book list1-201810 KB
Book list23-2018.pdfYear 2 Booklist 2018Book list23-201834 KB
Book list34-2018.pdfYear 3 4 Booklist 2018Book list34-201811 KB
Booklist56-2018.pdfYear 5 6 Booklist 2018Booklist56-201811 KB
BooklistPrep-2018.pdfYear Prep Booklist 2018BooklistPrep-201811 KB